This is truly me, just a new beautiful eclectic name for the new direction I’m going in.


Deanna Ouellette has put thousands of miles and countless hours travelling, performing, writing and recording over the past 12 years. She has released two EPK's and a full length album which took her throughout North America!

In 2013 we toured throughout the western states…. 7 weeks, 46 shows. I came off the road needing a much deserved break… personal time, learning and reflecting on where the love has gone for what i do? I came to the conclusion that i needed to take a serious look at my life… both personally and spiritually.

So i guess you could say i started my personal journey of finding my true purpose and higher calling, what does God want from me? What is the purpose of the gifts given to us when we are born?
I believe God will allow trials and hardships in our lives not to harm us but to help us grow, shape us, form us in to our higher selves.

The past 5 years have not been easy but i have had the ability to be there for family that needed support. Be it a member who has suffered with Dementia, Alzheimer’s or a great loss of a family member. in 2017 i battled sickness for 8 months before overcoming it and healing! Yes this has been apart of my journey and my families journey….

But now when i look back at the trials, heartache and sickness I can see the beauty rise up through the ashes and how he shaped and molded me into a more kind and patient person. He taught me to be still and know who God is and how incredibly loved we are. He taught me to not take a single breath for granted to love deeper than ever before, to spend time daily with him, thanking him for another day and to be in his presence. To be spirit led, not self led.


Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times if one only remembers to turn on the light.


Through it all i have written some pretty cool and deep songs, the kind that touch your inner core, your soul and i feel more now than ever that i am ready for a new project. A new genre. A beYOUtiful me and i am ready to share with the world this collection of songs that will help heal and encourage you! Or at least just feel like you are not alone in whatever battle lies before you. That’s my goal, that’s my passion, to leave a lasting positive impression on a world filled with enough bad news. I wanna bring light and love to this beautiful place we all call home. Hence how i came up with “The Siggy Robert project”

Siggy is my grandmas first name and Robert is my other grandmas last name… these two ladies are a part of my DNA and both always believed i could take the world by storm. I miss them everyday as they have both passed on, i always promised them i would never give up and i feel so strong in dedicating this new direction in my career to two strong beautiful women that have come before me. This is truly me, just a new beautiful eclectic name for the new direction I’m going in the genre of adult/Christian contemporary music.